Sunday, August 26, 2018

Caged Bird

"Caged bird" by Lena Power
I know why the caged bird sings
Even though she's lost her wings
She must express her sad soul song
To free the chains that hold her bound
To keep such emotions locked inside
All the pain, the heartache hide
Eventually destroys the soul
Eating away at that once whole.
I know why the caged bird cries
She misses the parts of her that died
She longs so much for the freedom to fly
Rising then soaring high in the sky;
Released from all her minds restraints
Free of the darkness that she hates.
I know why the caged bird bleeds
Because she can no longer conceive
Of the life she should be living
When betrayal is all she's been given.
Caged birds of the world unite
Sing your song, fight your fight
Make friends with your minds shadows
Embrace the freedom expression allows.
©. Lena Power. 24/08/18.

Poetry is my passion!  I started writing as early as ten, but did not formally pursue.  Recently retired I continue to use ink as a creative outlet.  Prior to retiring I was a certified personal trainer & coach as well as facilitator.  I write daily and my works are available on several social media websites, blogs & groups.

Saturday, August 25, 2018


"SORRY, NOT SORRY" by Melissa Lynn
As the song goes...
My give a damn..
It's broken
This heart..
No longer your little token
I am ready to be free
While you want to choke..
Drown in your own misery
I can hardly breathe..
Around you, what's the use?
A slave to your verbal abuse
Fuck that!
No more chains
Not your whore
I'm not sorry anymore

Hello, my name is M Lynn and I have been and avid reader and writer of poetry since the age 14. Influenced early by totally opposite poets, Edgar Allen Poe & Dr. Seuss. Poetry has been my outlet to express my innermost thoughts, life events, cope with personal traumas and tragedies, and flash fiction.

EDITOR NOTE: This amazing woman will be an EDITOR of the WORD DISH website supporting me in this venue.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Remember Me

"Remember Me" by Jai Thoolen If tomorrow dawns, And I’m not there, Don’t you cry, And don’t despair. I’ve had my time, I’ve lived a lot. Appreciate, The time we got. Remember me, Remember us. Don’t blame yourself, Or make a fuss. The life I’ve lived, I cannot keep, And now at last, I’ll get some sleep…. Jai Thoolen 5-6-17

Jai has always been a Mornington Peninsula local and always will be. He has enjoyed writing and reading ever since he was able. Jai would always write more than was required for stories at school... the short time he attended. He left school at 14 to work in a small supermarket in Red Hill South for the first year of his working life. Then, carpentry and fencing for a couple of decades. And now, after some knee troubles, he has rekindled his love of writing. Jai is loving every minute of creating stories and poems. Publishing his first book toward the end of 2017, Jai has two children's titles, an activity journal and a poetry book (Recomended for 15+) to his credit with more on the way!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018


"Synapse" by Ayo Carolyn Gutierrez-Abanggan

we rummage through the cavernous pits in our minds words, images, and melodies abstract in nature undeterred, unfettered these hungry beasts wanting to break free will we demonstrate an unspeakable gift of depth and profundity or just ramble another bout of emotional upheavals? how do we sort the assortments and sift through the funnels until we arrive at the purest substance of human and divine expression? notes to music words to poetry images to art plain and simple things and matters that make sense must manifest artists born of necessity whose abilities are enhanced by despair and chaos finding symphony amid warring storms-- there's a thin line between garbage and treasure
and in that space our perception lies some call our works class and perfection the rest think we're attention whores ...our mind is one intricate laboratory

Ayo Carolyn Gutierrez-Abanggan

Author of the books entitled Bards from the Far East: Anthology of Haiku and Kindred Verses and Buy 1 Fake 1. She is also a TV host for a travel show entitled Travel Art TV. Carolyn loves reading and writing poetry, playing the piano, and visiting museums. She lives in the Philippines with her husband and four children.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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