Sunday, August 26, 2018

Caged Bird

"Caged bird" by Lena Power
I know why the caged bird sings
Even though she's lost her wings
She must express her sad soul song
To free the chains that hold her bound
To keep such emotions locked inside
All the pain, the heartache hide
Eventually destroys the soul
Eating away at that once whole.
I know why the caged bird cries
She misses the parts of her that died
She longs so much for the freedom to fly
Rising then soaring high in the sky;
Released from all her minds restraints
Free of the darkness that she hates.
I know why the caged bird bleeds
Because she can no longer conceive
Of the life she should be living
When betrayal is all she's been given.
Caged birds of the world unite
Sing your song, fight your fight
Make friends with your minds shadows
Embrace the freedom expression allows.
©. Lena Power. 24/08/18.

Poetry is my passion!  I started writing as early as ten, but did not formally pursue.  Recently retired I continue to use ink as a creative outlet.  Prior to retiring I was a certified personal trainer & coach as well as facilitator.  I write daily and my works are available on several social media websites, blogs & groups.

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  1. An ode to freedom, so needed in a world where girls are still sold into slavery.