Saturday, August 25, 2018


"SORRY, NOT SORRY" by Melissa Lynn
As the song goes...
My give a damn..
It's broken
This heart..
No longer your little token
I am ready to be free
While you want to choke..
Drown in your own misery
I can hardly breathe..
Around you, what's the use?
A slave to your verbal abuse
Fuck that!
No more chains
Not your whore
I'm not sorry anymore

Hello, my name is M Lynn and I have been and avid reader and writer of poetry since the age 14. Influenced early by totally opposite poets, Edgar Allen Poe & Dr. Seuss. Poetry has been my outlet to express my innermost thoughts, life events, cope with personal traumas and tragedies, and flash fiction.

EDITOR NOTE: This amazing woman will be an EDITOR of the WORD DISH website supporting me in this venue.


  1. So awesome to join you on this adventure🖤🖤Thank you for the honor of working with you Sis!😎🤘Let's Rock n Roll!😎🤘

  2. Excellent write my friend ��