Wednesday, August 22, 2018


"Synapse" by Ayo Carolyn Gutierrez-Abanggan

we rummage through the cavernous pits in our minds words, images, and melodies abstract in nature undeterred, unfettered these hungry beasts wanting to break free will we demonstrate an unspeakable gift of depth and profundity or just ramble another bout of emotional upheavals? how do we sort the assortments and sift through the funnels until we arrive at the purest substance of human and divine expression? notes to music words to poetry images to art plain and simple things and matters that make sense must manifest artists born of necessity whose abilities are enhanced by despair and chaos finding symphony amid warring storms-- there's a thin line between garbage and treasure
and in that space our perception lies some call our works class and perfection the rest think we're attention whores ...our mind is one intricate laboratory

Ayo Carolyn Gutierrez-Abanggan

Author of the books entitled Bards from the Far East: Anthology of Haiku and Kindred Verses and Buy 1 Fake 1. She is also a TV host for a travel show entitled Travel Art TV. Carolyn loves reading and writing poetry, playing the piano, and visiting museums. She lives in the Philippines with her husband and four children.


  1. That ineffable talent, ethereal as a unicorn, always lurking in the forests of the mind. To stroke that splendorous flank now and then-- we all strive. Is that beast your pet, Carolyn? I think it runs tame for you. David W & SW

  2. Assalamualaikum, Sharon Wagoner! I'm glad to see your comment about Sis carolyn. She is kind woman like you. We are lucky as our ages are same 39 years old, and another thing that we have four children same. First a son and later three daughters. Read her book of poetry, it is book of wosdow. Play of the magic game. Hit heart and mind. I love her book, "Bards From the Far East."
    Thank you Sharon Wagoner. To see your comment and read it.