Monday, September 24, 2018

Escaping Alcatraz

"Escaping Alcatraz" by Alahana Isgrigg 
Upon this earth you walk
Seeking deviant shelter

In the embodiment of man
Hidden amongst the throng 
Convinced you can do no wrong 
Zeroed in on your target
Innocently blinded by you
And your wicked plan
Unbeknownst a fate 
Thought to be sealed 
Upon recalcitrance met 
Beasts true nature now revealed
How did I miss the warning signs
Displayed before me
So consistently
Flags of coagulated vibrancy
When down this road
I’ve traveled
The times to count
Are too many
Leaving pieces of myself
Along the way
Like bread crumbs
None too gentle reminders
That from this path
I must stray
Return to the drawing board
The task at hand
This process of reinventing
Could use some tweaking
Wipe clean my slate
My equation unable
To meet any previous demand
The root of which, I swear
Is more than square
Tears divided
And carry the heart
Back to the beginning
Is where I start.

Alahana Isgrigg been a lover of books for as far back as she can remember. She started writing poetry briefly as a teenager. Only to pick it back up again five years ago and plans to one day publish her first poetry book. Alahana is Nashville born currently residing in a yuppie suburb on the outskirts of Austin, Tx. She dreams of returning home someday, but will keep it “Austin Weird” wherever she ends up.

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