Sunday, September 30, 2018

Mind's Eye

"Mind’s Eye" by Brian Keith Forsythe

Slipping into the ocean of her mind
Lost in tumultuous currents
Carried ever deeper
Riding the maelstrom bravely

Resolutely weathering this chaotic vortex
Filled with terror, trepidation, and shame
But strangely tinged with hope as well

Through the breach into the mind's eye
I feel your soul shivering nervously
Gently caressing it to calm any skittishness
My love radiating in every touch
Fear and pain melting away
Leaving a glowing alabaster pillar
That is such a lovely soul

Freed at last from vile memories
A shared love consummated
Soulmates brought together
Content at last

My name is Brian Keith Forsythe. Originally from the United States of America, I now live in the beautiful city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my amazing wife. Writing has always been an integral part of my life. At 16 years of age, I was fortunate enough to have four poems printed in a local magazine. Shortly thereafter I joined the Military. I have served my country in the Navy as a submariner. Having witnessed the military life, as well as a long and eventful life, my poetry has become a very cathartic practice for me. I love riding my motorcycle, and playing video games is a real hobby of mine. I have always been a voracious reader which has contributed to my wide-ranging vocabulary. I am possessed by a huge passion for writing.

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