Thursday, September 6, 2018

Rose on the hill

"Rose on the hill" by Lena Power
A single red Rose bloomed on the hill
Surrounded by the Weeping Willows
Calling ever to her lost lover true
Encased within deep mossy pillows

A lonely rain cloud hovered above
To shower upon her beauty its tears
For the loss of her one true love
That caused her blossom through the years
Come the Winter of her broken heart
she would fade away in destitution
Only in Summer to be born to a new start
Offering her desolate bud no solution
The Eagle swooped to kiss her petals
Humming birds came to sing their tune
So gentle towards her were the nettles
So pacifying was the sweet full moon
Alone she mourned watching lovers pass by
The thorns of sadness causing her to bleed
All she wanted was to be allowed to die
But the seasons would not allow her to succeed.
© Lena Power 01/09/18.

Poetry is my passion!  I started writing as early as ten, but did not formally pursue.  Recently retired I continue to use ink as a creative outlet.  Prior to retiring I was a certified personal trainer & coach as well as facilitator.  I write daily and my works are available on several social media websites, blogs & groups.