Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Without the Rare

"Without the Rare" by Noe Basurto

I woke up in the Morning
Feeling Kind of Rare
But this Time
What Caused this Effect
Was not One of those

Last Night I had it Great

No, Not a Hangover
Deeply Swimming in my Mind
A thought in need of Oxygen
So as I let
The Soul I Am express this
kind of Rare the feel gets
As Live Images
With Words
I begin to paint
So if you are reading this
Just Wonder

How would Life on Gaia be
Without the Rare
I Wonder
How without

Just Imagine our Society
No Creative Minds
Complemented well
A Golden Heart
~ Rare Personalities ~

Can you Imagine that
I have been Having Dreams
Of an Earth
Without Melodies

One where
The Sun
By the Thrill of BirdS
Welcomed no more iS
As Dawn Breaks

Could you even Imagine
One where
Music and Hearts do not beat

One without
Who would rock
To the Drummer Banging
The Drums Of our Sharp Ears

Can you Imagine
Our Planet
Without the Artists?
I Write Because
I Have been having Dreams
A Colorless earth

One Where
The Essence of Life
Painted no more is
As the Sun Shines
LightLy getting Past
Through a pair of eyes
As Rain~dropS
No Rainbows
Can you Imagine that
Earth would be Just
An Emptiness so Vast
Like A Canvas
To be painted
But not a Painter's SouL
Be around that
To let his/her Brush Stroke
So I write
~ Without the Rare ~
What if none existing were
Our Spoken ~
Body ~
Written ~

Just Imagine a World
Where not even a Mime
Would be able to Express
His Wordless Deep sentiment

Maybe after reading this
You might like to try
Listening to SiLence

As I ponder
On those dreams
Of How would Earth be
Without Ink dripping
From a Poet/Poetess Heart
yeah ~
Those deeply written Words
Which when been read
Will make U In Verse Relate
With He/She who Writes

As I have tonight ... ...
©️2018 Noe Basurto

A writer born in a small town on the outskirts of Mexico's capital.  I discovered I could write at 13 but focused my writing to personal journals. I began writing in earnest in 2015 and started a social media page to share my voice. 

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