Tuesday, October 23, 2018


"Highway" by Merit M Peet


Here I am trundling down that old road again, on a road
again, new day has just began.
Every highway has a different story for each person
and a day, it never stays the same.

Here we are now, about to leave another town whose
people may have been unkind, not that we would mind.
Wake up in the morning and saddle up your horse, no
time to hang around, our time is running out.
Kick on and catch up with the rest, come sit on my left, I
might just tell you what went on last night, why we’re
fleeing in such fright.

On a road again, like we’ve always done, the only way
we know how to be is to is to keep away from anything that’s
not real, like people in machines spreading poison

Merit 2018

I'm a 28-year-old free spirit, living in England for last 11 years after leaving birth country Estonia at the age of 17. After a few years of moving about and changing jobs i have now settled in a small town in Wiltshire focusing on my poems. My influences are quite varied, I enjoy classical literature and poetry but enjoy the most writing my own words to some demo tapes or blues music found online. Most fond of likes of Beefheart Zappa or Bolan unique artists of innovation.

Monday, October 22, 2018

the last of life

"the last of  life" by Rebel p Jones

As my eyes open to Wild winds and fire 
I hear no signs nor see of other human lives I stand in place shocked and astonished 
at the world's emptiness.
 I quickly begin to run 
in the direction I'm already facing,
Looking searching for any other signs of life.

The wind picks up violently,
Thrashing dust and debris around me,
I'm picked off my feet by a powerful gust and hung from a colorful branch of a multicolored tree,
I hear a sorrowful weep and then an agonizing scream much to loud to be of another human being.
As I begin to tremble hanging from this branch helplessly, it begins to rain heavily and I stare deeply into the  storm surrounding me.

I realize now this is the end, 
the last of life this tree and I,
I get my bearings and my grasp,
As I begin to climb to a  higher branch,
I see it now,I feel its pain as this tree and me are slowly dying, as the leaves begin to wither and fall, and the branches below begin to brown and crumble.

The piercing cries of Earths pain inside as all this world lies slain in sin,  not a soul left to rise,and walk this soil, life again will rise an live with hopes of fixing broken history that lies beneath rock and dirt, and hidden truth.


I am a 41 year old retired Army veteran, with my 4 children and fiance. We reside in Temperance Michigan, and my passion is poetry.
I have written for free for 3 years now for the world to have something real to enjoy without spending money.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Closer Look - Bill Bero

"A closer look...Bill Bero" - 

While @ WORD Dish we primarily feature poetry, I am compelled to share this amazing voice on the music scene - Bill Bero.  Recently, I visited the Johnny Cash museum in Nashville, Tennessee and I am a firm believer that ALL SONGS begin as a poem.  I want to explore and honour those significant influencers in the music industry and what a better way to start than my dear friend Bill and his amazing portfolio of work - I hope you agree...

LISTEN to the following songs of Bill - you will instantly become a fan!

A Chicago native who came under the influence of music at an early age. I remember my dad always playing records on the old stereo in the living room. He played harmonica and accordion.
I grew up listening to those and then, in 1964, when The Beatles came on the scene, a life addiction took hold. For my 16th birthday, my parents bought me a Sears Silvertone guitar, which I still have and use today. I invested in some chord books and song books, and began teaching myself to play...every day when I got home from high school. Glen Campbell was a huge influence then as well, and helped my inspiration and determination to play. 

Soon, I was able to play some simple songs and then one day, discovered I also could write them. I have been interested in writing all my life and ended up making a career of it as a journalist, with songwriting a hobby and release that has helped me weather life's storms. 

Began playing coffee houses in college and soon joined up with some other guys and formed a little, all-guitar band. Later, I played with other folks at art centers, festivals and on cable TV shows. My latest public stuff has been on local radio. I have penned hundreds of songs; a few of them are below. Thank you very much for having me here. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

The Poet

The Poet by Jeff Oliver

My mindset is
my ink is the same
as it flows on each solid
many think I am insane
writing down my memories
writing down my change
from the man that I used to
to the man I am today
writing about my family
writing about my past
writing about my demons
within my shattered hour
 as my hair begins to gray
and my skin begins to wrinkle
my ink serves the purpose
of connecting with the

I am the poet
I chase a dream
I write my happiness
I write my horrible dreams
I write my tears
my joy
my love
my fears
I am the poet
and I write it for you clear
imaginary monsters
real beasts as well
I am the poet
writing my heaven and hell.

I reach down deep inside
my soul
to bring a story to you
I hold the Ace of spades
I will never fold
my dreams are written
between the lines
and can be seen in my
my heart and body flow
through each of my rhymes
ravens, demons, monsters
brothers, mothers, fathers
angels love and purity
I’m writing for the world to see
not just for me.

I am the poet
I chase a dream
I write my happiness
I write my horrible dreams
I write my tears
my joy
my love
my fears
I am the poet
and I write it for you clear
imaginary monsters
real beasts as well
I am the poet
writing my heaven and hell.

A misfit amongst
a world of control
escaping the nightmares
gripping hold
explaining my triumphs
expressing my fears
changing my stories
releasing my tears
opening my mind
losing track of time
the hourglass has
and it’s all on the line
my words are written
to set me free
the ink on the paper
is how I bleed
how I love
how I laugh
forgetting all my troubles
working for the future
shattering the past.

I am the poet
I chase a dream
I write my happiness
I write my horrible dreams
I write my tears
my joy
my love
my fears
I am the poet and I write it for you clear
imaginary monsters
real beasts as well
I am the poet
writing my heaven and hell


Jeff Oliver was born on April 6th, 1982 in Baltimore, Maryland. After his family moved to southern Pennsylvania, he found the perfect outlet for his adolescent emotions; through writing poetry. Jeff’s emotional outlet of poetry appears in MICROAGGRESSION THEN & NOW By Creative Talents Unleashed, he also appears In Glomag each month, published by Glory Sasikala out of India. Jeff’s vivid, no hold’s back style of writing brings you in and threatens to never let you go. Currently a Stay at Home Dad, Jeff is raising five children that live with him and his beautiful wife Jennie in New York. He also has two older children that live in southern Pennsylvania. Jeff’s family is everything to him, and they are what fuels his lifelong passion with poetry. One of his favorite lines that has flowed from his pen is: “I will always take in what I have, the past is shattered…with the vision in the glass.”

Friday, October 5, 2018

Early Freeze

"Early Freeze" by Ann Christine Tabaka

Frozen on the vine.
Ground hard as rock.
November freeze comes early,
breathing death on all.
Earth still,
nature reticent,
refuge sought.
Promises no longer on the wind.
Seasons shifted overnight.
Wilted specters of yesterday
hang their lifeless heads.
Colors drained.
Browns and grays win out.
Early winter on the cusp,
as cold ravages all.
Memories whisper in
the shadows left behind.

Ann Christine Tabaka has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize in Poetry, has been internationally published, and won poetry awards from numerous publications. She lives in Delaware, USA.  She loves gardening and cooking.  Chris lives with her husband and three cats. Her most recent credits are: Pomona Valley Review, Page & Spine, West Texas Literary Review, The Hungry Chimera, Sheila-Na-Gig, Synchronized Chaos; Pangolin Review, Trigger Fish Critical Review, Foliate Oak Review, Better Than Starbucks!, Mused, The Write Launch, The Stray BranchThe McKinley Review; Fourth & Sycamore.
*(a complete list of publications is available upon request)