Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Closer Look - Bill Bero

"A closer look...Bill Bero" - 

While @ WORD Dish we primarily feature poetry, I am compelled to share this amazing voice on the music scene - Bill Bero.  Recently, I visited the Johnny Cash museum in Nashville, Tennessee and I am a firm believer that ALL SONGS begin as a poem.  I want to explore and honour those significant influencers in the music industry and what a better way to start than my dear friend Bill and his amazing portfolio of work - I hope you agree...

LISTEN to the following songs of Bill - you will instantly become a fan!

A Chicago native who came under the influence of music at an early age. I remember my dad always playing records on the old stereo in the living room. He played harmonica and accordion.
I grew up listening to those and then, in 1964, when The Beatles came on the scene, a life addiction took hold. For my 16th birthday, my parents bought me a Sears Silvertone guitar, which I still have and use today. I invested in some chord books and song books, and began teaching myself to play...every day when I got home from high school. Glen Campbell was a huge influence then as well, and helped my inspiration and determination to play. 

Soon, I was able to play some simple songs and then one day, discovered I also could write them. I have been interested in writing all my life and ended up making a career of it as a journalist, with songwriting a hobby and release that has helped me weather life's storms. 

Began playing coffee houses in college and soon joined up with some other guys and formed a little, all-guitar band. Later, I played with other folks at art centers, festivals and on cable TV shows. My latest public stuff has been on local radio. I have penned hundreds of songs; a few of them are below. Thank you very much for having me here.