Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Christmas Truce

"This is my tribute to all the brave women and men who risked
And gave their lives in the 1914-1918 War so we could live free" - William T. Fearby

"A Christmas truce" by William T. Fearby

The lonesome wind blows through the land breathing new life
The wintry chills cuts through the bones and stings like a knife
The guns are blazing, the frosty dew hangs in the crisp air
As the war rages the winter magic is showing everywhere
The world is at peace the killing has stopped
The full trenches of soldiers, their weapons have dropped
It was the twenty fourth of December nineteen fourteen
The like of this humane act the world has never before seen
A lone soldier puts down his gun, out of the trench he stood
And started singing a Christmas carol in a lonely wood
The fighting stopped the bullets fell silent this eve
And a chorus of peace like you would never believe
Rang out in the cold and restored peace to the world
Soldiers in conflict their new friendships unfurled
Exchanging gifts to one and another on this silent night
Christmas magic had replaced the need to fight
All ranks came together to celebrate the birth of our lord
They lay down all their weapons, guns bayonets and swords
They all came together in the middle of no man's land
Hugging each other and shaking each other's hands
Nobody felt anger on that night they felt only peace and love
They all looked up to the heavens and thanked the Lord up above
For just one night they forgot about the horrors of war
They sat round in groups laughing and drinking on the sodden floor
That night they slept soundly all nations sleeping side by side
The silence fell over the forested land and was heard far and wide
And as the sun rose in the glorious blue sky, they started to rise
With a contented look on their faces and heavy sleep in their eyes
All thoughts of war and killing couldn't have been further away
As they enjoyed each other's company on this Christmas day
They made a ball out of a tunic and started a kick about
All afternoon with delight they were heard to cheer and shout
That evening they settled down in no man's land to celebrate together
Totally oblivious of any war and the freezing cold weather
They hugged each other all night laughing and talking
But when midnight came, back to the trenches they went walking
With tears of regret in their eyes, they turned back to wave to each other
Knowing that most of them will never go home to their loving mother
They will never see their families again and watch them blossom and grow
And that they will end up in an unmarked grave covered in blood and snow
The first bullet was fired just after midnight after that Christmas day
Followed by a barrage of innocent lives cruelly taken away
They lay in the trenches wounded and dying, their poor lives at an end
All they can think of is that last Christmas spent with their allied friend


I am 67 years old married for 47 years I have 3 grown up children I left school at 15 with no qualifications I have worked for the last 30 years in my own business I owned a pet shop a garden centre and a woodwork shop so I never had time for writing I had a serious illness 5 years ago so I closed my business's down on New Year’s day 2013 that is when I started to write I write short stories and poetry I wanted to leave my mark on the world that is why I picked up the pen I write for charities to raise awareness.

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