Friday, November 30, 2018

Butterfly Sonnet

"BUTTERFLY SONNET" by Steven Fortune

Philosophers you make of ev'ryone
in fluttered aviations over scores
of connotations. Like a setting sun,
a soul attached to you implores
a single morning at a time. A flock
of you in unison congests a chance
of visitations on a friendly clock
and talks reunions into games of trance.
The essence of a synchronicity
between a soul and body hides behind
a bamboo screen. From there felicity
injects a flight of angel wings into the mind.
Will you beknight my footing with the sky
and tuck me in a rainbow, butterfly?


A resident of Sydney, Nova Scotia, and graduate of Acadia University, Steven Fortune has appeared on CBC radio, and his poetry has been recited on several online shows, as well as appearing in a number of literary journals, both print and online. His fifth book will be released in January 2019.

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