Sunday, November 11, 2018


"Incarnates" by Godfrey Holy

The stench of impaled innocence.
Of love roasting in silk grenades.
Ants into antellopes fleeing from
Your mound hill.
Yet in their frozen pride you still loiter.
Footprints of guilt leading back to your
And the anger keeps unfurling like
Foreskin, eager to reveal your smelly
From your ashes rises a phoenix or
A phallus?
Feverishly shaking the magic 8- ball
As they moan a manic oddball.
Clearing the fog fidgeting for a way
Away from your slaughterhouse.
Dimming the limelight on the word Nazis
In exile.
Behold your backyard leaks of rhymes
Dead and forsaken.
Blood pooling at your feet from all
The talent you massacred.
And the masquerade party carries on.
Phantoms and leeches in drag,
Double deepers who once lurked
In your cesspool.
Glimpse the haste as your betrothed
armed with straws takes aim.
Ready to suck your saculent spill.
Thirsty for your dregs
As they bemoan your tyranny.


Holy Godfrey is an aspiring poet born in Thika Kenya. His work has been published in several anthologies. His poem "Rivulets" is also featured in Ayo Gutierrez's book "Yearnings" He currently resides in Boston Massachusetts with his wife and three children.

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