Sunday, November 4, 2018

Misty Morning Rain

"Misty Morning Rain" by Jim Cunningham

I love the feel of misty morning rain,
Especially when life makes me feel down.
The reason why is still hard to explain,
I close my eyes to listen to the sound.
The pitter-patter on the window glass,
Becoming soothing making me relax,
Beyond the moment as time flows on past,
I manage to put life back on the tracks.
But it is sort of sad when it all ends,
Then the reality comes crashing in,
I felt the darkness starting to descend,
Such overwhelming stress held deep within.
For now, I close my eyes and drift away,
The soothing sound makes for a special day.


Jim lives in the State of Ohio, USA. With his wife and family, plus 4 dogs and menagerie of other animals. He has written Poetry for most of his life. Covers everything from Faith, to Fantasies and Dreams Even a few Nightmares to stir the pot. Enjoys writing Gothic Horror Tales, they let his imagination go to extremes. He has also written Short Stories.

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