Tuesday, November 13, 2018


"Permission" by Pete Cox

You'll need my permission
Before you make that incision
Show me your permit?
Is it in date?
If permitted to climb aboard this ship
Would you sail and sink with it?
Would your eyes cry lucidity
as we skinny dip off the plank?
Could you deal with the big reveal
When the treasure is revealed
as an internal feel?
Will you cry mutiny
because scrutiny fed on impurity
just before this bountiful beauty?
All because curious toes
perked up their nose
In the slipstream
Whilst the fair winds rose
and their perfume froze desires echoes
So all aboard this weathered adventure
Permits are a rouse
Taunting is a muse
After all
Who asks for permission
In the face of the colour of freedom


Hello, I'm Pete Cox, I have been writing for 5 years and performing spoken word for 2. I am from Slough, England where i host an open mic night called “The Innerverse”. I write based on experiences, annoyances and anything and everything. I love writing and sharing it. I find freedom in it. I found even more once pushed to perform. I am writing a poem a day for a year. I had worried what i would do with my mind, thoughts and pain poetry has been the key to freedom. I love the many different styles from each poet i hear. I believe everyone has poetry in them, it just gets lost in what people believe poetry should be. I have a YouTube channel and am in the process of creating a website. You can find me here on the social media links until then.

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