Sunday, December 9, 2018

Little Ones

"Little Ones" by Joy Thao-Farmer

Take me there, my Little Ones
Where time is not the tether
By trance or dream or death, come guide
I will follow you ... to Ever
After no pulse halts my breath
And no breath cuts off life
I will follow you to Ever After
But must I ... wait out time
Time the sovereign of my pace
I slowly crawl my soul
Inching remnants on bare knees
Dragging flesh ... aging slow
Down I go, and I go down
My razor becomes bored
The scars fight back now
Now embolden, by the many fails before
Now, my Little Ones
Will you come to Guide my way
Come retrieve your 'left behind'
Rescue the 'forced to stay'
Must I stay, my Little Ones
'til my soul's paid, to be untethered
'til my sovereign dies, no reign, no time
To finally find ... My Ever
... After

My name is Joy Thao-Farmer and I am a 37 year old housewife that loves poetry. I find it cathartic voicing my feelings through poetic expression and also love reading how others express themselves through this art form.

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