Saturday, December 22, 2018

Parading feet

“Parading feet” by Fiona Meyrick
Reminded of love,
they walk at different rates,
but you know who they are.
Those footsteps die,
not heard,
you walk alone.
One by one, they stop,
for walking is old fashioned,
all you hear is noise.
Brick by brick,
they dissect you;
eat your soul.
No common language,
a lost land,
your ashes turn to sand.
A changing world,
remembers not,
dead to history.


My name is Fiona Meyrick but I used my maiden name, Fiona Cloud, to self publish my first volume of poetry and prose, titled “Cream Cracked Colours” which is available on Amazon both as an ebook and on paperback. I first attempted to write poetry as a child of nine years old and then again, I dabbled with it in my early thirties but never really did anything with it. It was only five years ago, after my parents died, that I started to write it seriously. It was such a wonderful way to express the deep grief I felt at the time. Now, I will write poetry on almost any subject from reincarnation to satire. I am a classical pianist and violinist and to me, poetry is a form of music. I mainly write in free verse though I do use rhyme on occasion but I find it’s style somewhat restrictive; I have also branched into writing some short pieces of prose. I live near Loch Lomond in West Dunbartonshire with my husband Denzil who is a traditionally published author and my two mad cats, Suzy and Bertie.

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