Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Guy Farmer

"Short-Sightedness" by Guy Farmer

A summer morning,
Standing on a
Balcony inhaling
Quiet air.
Headphones on,
Listening to the
Song that makes
Him yearn.
A string of days
Blur into each other,
Slumped on a couch
Without a hope.


"Unattended" by Guy Farmer

She cries at the
Most trivial moments –
Everyone around her
Notices that it
Doesn’t quite fit
With what’s really
Going on at the time –
Memories of the
Anguish she felt as
A child bubble up
She lives this way
Her entire life,
It colors her
Worldview deeply.


Guy Farmer writes evocative, minimalist, modern poetry about the human condition. 

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