Saturday, December 22, 2018


"Transgression" by Jesse Batista

A plead for sanity not well received. Normalcy counterfeit, replication achieved
The mind placates but, is not what it seems. Polished with clarity, the surface gleams.
Let the fires rage, let them burn deep, of their own conducts will vengeance reap.
Actions measured, execute, eradicate, there’s a limit to that which one can tolerate.
What’s the excuse, the chorus of the song, what is the defense to justify the wrong?
What is it that’s brought to the arbitrating table? Truth tossed aside, disregarded like a fable.
Lies uttered to the discerning ear a waste. Integrity in question, character defaced.
There is a desire to remain but a deserving for demise. Brief or linger, no probable compromise.
Actions deriving from a past of distaste, wicked enacted on the pure in haste
Twisted, fragmented, no remorse or shame, morals not questioned when torments the game.
Warped reasoning teaching a lesson, easing the pain of their own transgression
Compassion depleted, empathy gone, when you use another as your surrogate pawn
Tiresome is hate for no more than hates sake. Beware that decision you cannot unmake.
Exploit a weakness, violence is the trigger, Hotwired by brutality, soothed by its vigor.

I was born March 11, 1994 into a situation that was less than desirable and we'll leave it at that. I was given a new start at life when I was 13. It was this new start that introduced me journal writing and music. My love of music turned into lyric writing and poetry. Much of what I write is heavily over toned in darkness but, on the occasion, the light of contentment shines through. My poetry often speaks of suicide and death, I’d like to make it clear that I do not condone it. What I write are simply thoughts in my head and I bleed them out onto paper. Writing and other forms of art, including drawing, painting and photography, have helped me find my way. While I have music out in circulation, I have only just stated to release my poetry. Since releasing it, I have been published in Inquisition Poetry, Big Pond Rumours E-zine and have had several of my poems read on the Dear John Show.

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