Sunday, December 9, 2018

Try Me

"Try Me" by Adam E. Crotts

Pieces scattered 
So many shreds 
Splayed all over the bed 
Hole in my chest 
Thoughts running in my head
Slowly lowered in a hole 
God and devil deciding on my soul 
Many decisions I have made 
Feeling the stress 
The guilt 
Many story's I could tell 
Many reasons to go to hell 
Empty tears I will not cry 
Wasn't made weak 
I'm very strong 
I'm at my peak 
I shove the pieces back in place 
Hit my heart to give it a start 
I was knocked down 
Ripped apart 
It just showed trust 
The difference between 
Love and lust......


Adam Elijah Crotts, 38 years old with a love for the simple things in life. I grew up in a small community known as Walnut Grove with a population of about 1000. I still live here today with my family. Work a rough job and write my way through the day. I started writing when my first marriage started heading for trouble and was told to just put it on paper and keep it for myself. My second wife told me to stop writing all together that no one cared or would like it. I'm remarried now and we share 7 kids between us and I write anything i want, when I want, and share it with whomever I want. Hope my writing speaks to someone, somewhere, even if it's only for a moment.

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  1. Another heart opening master piece are destined for great things ...keep up the good work...