Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Cleansing Rain

"A Cleansing Rain" by Amelia Hartz

They say that rain is a cleansing thing,
it brings forth flowers we love in the spring.
But rain I feel for those who've died,
ignites their voices, their unheard cries.
The rain was made for life, oh yes,
but also for those who were never blessed.
The cold wet drops, like salty tears,
it shows those broken that God is near.
For with each storm, a rainbow unveils,
and those who are sinking can set their sails.
The flood rains bidding to sink or float,
just promise in downfall, don't sit and gloat.
So if you splash in puddles for glee,
or sink to drenched pavement to take a knee.
Remember that rain is life's own gift,
when waters rise, don't sink, but drift


I am a full time housekeeper for the Gunnery and a part time ABC certified dog trainer from Connecticut. I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was in middle school. I have always been a women of little words and never fit in. I am a quiet and sensitive soul though my gothic appearance says otherwise. Writing was always been my vent for words I could never say or express. It is a big deal for me to come out and share my work as I have faced much negativity for my dark sense of writing. I hope that one day my pain on paper can be a comfort and console for others who are struggling so they feel less alone. 

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  1. This is beautiful. I would love to read your poetry in free verse with no constriction of rhyme. I love this.