Wednesday, January 9, 2019

One More Chance

"One More Chance" by Julie Mishler

For one more chance
Would you?

Give up everything
To hear his voice
To see his face
What would you give?

For one more chance
To change it all
To fix the wrongs
Make things right
Could you forget the past
All the pain he caused?

For one more chance
Would you risk it all
To hear his laugh
See his smile
Can time heal
All that has been broken?

For one more chance
Would you sacrifice
To kiss his lips
And whisper his name
To feel his body
Would it still feel the same?

For one more chance
What would you do
If you only knew
Things would change

He would be
The man he said he was
The man you fell in love with
The man you have missed and longed for
The man who held all your dreams
In the palm of his hand

For one more chance
What would you give?

© JMM 14

Julie Mishler resides in a small Pennsylvania town. She has always had a way with words, but started to write and share those words publicly in December 2011 after strong encouragement from family, friends and fellow authors. Prior to releasing her own book of poetry in 2014, Julie wrote poems/pieces for a number of other author's books, anthologies and has done personal commission pieces for display in people's homes. When Julie isn't working on a new poem, quote or spending time with family, she enjoys reading, photography, art, and music.

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  1. This is beautiful, Up front questions, Which way is the heart leaning compared to what the soul feels?