Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Poem

"The poem" by Adam Crotts

Greatest ever written
No words ever said
The rhythm
The rhyme
Holding hands
Showing love till the end of time
Looking into each other’s eyes
Living life knowing it will end
Always being best friends
Through hurt and pain
Knowing the best of love
Something that can't be wrote
love songs
they are just simple notes
loves bond
That’s something that can never be broke........

Adam Elijah Crotts, 38 years old with a love for the simple things in life. I grew up in a small community known as Walnut Grove with a population of about 1000. I still live here today with my family. Work a rough job and write my way through the day. I started writing when my first marriage started heading for trouble and was told to just put it on paper and keep it for myself. My second wife told me to stop writing all together that no one cared or would like it. I'm remarried now and we share 7 kids between us and I write anything i want, when I want, and share it with whomever I want. Hope my writing speaks to someone, somewhere, even if it's only for a moment.

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  1. You work ..the exquisit. ..and hope to see more of your work here and hopefully published ...your heart and soul seem to roll off the paper the extent that we the readers...can relate one point of our existence...or another ...sincerely ..Carla Everett...