Thursday, January 10, 2019

Whiskey Drowns

By M Lynn
Almost out of whiskey
She said she wouldn't miss me
Her memory fills my sorrows
Drowning in no more tomorrows
She said I never listened
As the tears on her face glistened
I shut her out, now I'm freezing
Just can't take her leaving
Almost out of whiskey
Tomorrow it's gonna hit me
The alcohol numbs the pain
As I hang my head in shame
She said I didn't really love her
From the truth, she was further
Just didn't know how to show it
And i didn't mean to blow it
Almost out of whiskey
She was the only one to get me
In misery with my bottle I will sit
Til I'm able to drown it
Hello, my name is M Lynn and I have been and avid reader and writer of poetry since the age 14. Influenced early by totally opposite poets, Edgar Allen Poe & Dr. Seuss. Poetry has been my outlet to express my innermost thoughts, life events, cope with personal traumas and tragedies, and flash fiction.


  1. "She said she wouldn't miss me." A stab to the heart! It makes me feel glad my wife has stuck by me. Perfect blend of story and poetry in my opinion. It has a real nice cadence and an urgent and moody quality that made me read it several times. Nice work.

  2. Well written; like a sad story, that you can feel. The pain, logic, and love cast to apathy for one’s life without it, is beautifully conveyed.