Monday, February 25, 2019

Hate Letter

"Hate Letter" by Steven P. Mendoza

I hate you as a person from the end since the start, I love u as a memory I reminisce of in my heart
You linger in the shadows of my dreams night and day
You come on strong, you don't belong, immense mental decay 

When you were there I didn't care and now you're gone it isn't fair, the feeling of a broken heart is that of a severed limb 

Obliged for another second chance I take it granted in advance, but it never came, what a shame for what couldn't of ever been

Love game, dance of death, you smother me, I lose my breath 
I walk away, you stay, I dont wanna play
Soon as I let my guard down, the deception will start,  you broke my fucking heart, you tore us apart

Never thought it'd come to this, the beginning of the end of days, I pray you find a way out of your self built toxic maze, you evil selfish ruthless bitch, I almost lost my life, there's no point in arguing cus I'm wrong and you're always right 

Perhaps it's just a depressing phase, that will pass in weeks or days, buts who's to say that I may not take it to the grave
Now I battle through temptation, searching for self salvation, binging on intoxication of narcotic medication

I try but cannot turn the page, I’m so fixated on my rage, I’m gonna get you back I swear it is my final plan
Karma will come for me, or maybe not I guess we’ll see, I’m so spiteful I’ll lose an arm just to see u lose a hand 

You will die, an eye for an eye, I don’t care if you beg or cry, it’s all a lie, I hate you and I just want you gone
Where did I go wrong? Why did this happen? I still love you and somethings telling me to walk away

I can’t go through with this, earlier I was pissed, but maybe I should prove I’m a better person than you
Love is a crazy drug, I think I need a break, it was all a mistake , next time it’s given out I’ll be sure not to take

Bio: Hi my name is Steven P. Mendoza. I'm from Chicago Illinois. I'm 25 years old, born May 4th, 1993 (Taurus). I'm Mexican, Puerto Rican, Irish, Lithuanian and Russian. My mother wrote poetry, my dad was a drummer, I inherited both of their gifts. Allot of the stuff I write is dark and probably wouldn't be enjoyed by most. I love grunge music for its deep feeling and touchy topics. I'm a recovering addict. I also own a Furby...his name is Whore-Hay...not sure what that has to do with anything but at least you know now. I have Borderline Personality Disorder so if you're trying to figure me out you better quit it...or just ask, silly. I'm also really good at Chess and math. I'll challenge you. And I like Resident Evil-AND POP! I LOVE SODA POP! Yeah, I'm retarded. Hope you like my work.

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Instagram- suic1d3mach1n3

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