Saturday, March 2, 2019

Echo's Song

"ECHO’S SONG" by Steven Fortune
Fairweather condolences I file
for the weeping bell
A robotic capacity to process hell
Married to reaction, no relation
to the message
Over apathy the automatic media
For the dialect abated
it is fated
to be hated
more than melody is loved
Who would believe I was a novel lass
not the novelty
the wraiths of femininity and jealousy
in one
deduced in her reaction’s signature
vindictive flair
that my charisma, innocently served, must be
The measure of seduction
covets suction
of its substance
from a loopy ruling stick
I never was a hot anomaly
among the clique
whose feet appeared to plant the flowers we accrued
to court
the keeper of a throb without a heart
We were all donors
to a cause existing only for our charity’s
How sadistic if my friends
subscribed to omens
searing my ends
and extinguishing my means
Godly gift of gab, I undermined you
with modesty
The waves you could have made I quelled in urgency
to blend
Charisma could have been my cue to shun
the team approach
I would have got to him and left them with the fortune to
Curse my indecision
this incision
in my mission
to be loved for who I am
Randy gods are wont to follow flowers
with a prick to pluck
when their domestic petals shrivel into flytrap
Out to find him out, she found me dialed in
to puppy love
arousing the romantic plague her vitriol
Now her puppet strings are fastened
to my vocals
and the locals
shun my salutations, saying nothing
The man I sought belonged to nobody
and everyone
Sentiments she must have used to vilify
her god
Begrudgingly I siphon sympathy
from this arrangement
as I ponder all the hearts on which my futile man
has trod
In the end we all were doomed
to be an equal
Not a sequel
lived to compliment his tale
But as irony would have it
I’m the one to live
with banality to give
to introductions under courtship’s open-ended veil

A resident of Sydney, Nova Scotia, and graduate of Acadia University, Steven Fortune has appeared on CBC radio, and his poetry has been recited on several online shows, as well as appearing in a number of literary journals, both print and online. His fifth book will be released in January 2019.

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  1. This poem is familiar as I recalled reading it prior, but it only gets better. It is fragrant in its many blooms to enchant my curiosity and pull me into its center and become a part of its body causing self reflection. This makes it touch me mentally spiritually and physically as I feel my attitude and emotions trigger the reflection of self worth and psychological wellness when it comes to the dynamics of hue man relationships. Steven Fortune is a gift to the poetry society of the world.