Thursday, March 14, 2019

I Am Everything

"I Am Everything" by Andy Carpenter

Dreaming of a rainbow, let’s wish upon a star
Keep our spirit close to us and spread the love afar.

I climb the highest mountain to quietly find myself
Praying to The Universe and receiving back it’s help.

Sat in the wild grasses connecting with the flowers
At union with the earth below ascend through misty showers.

I float inside the Grandest plan a single conscious thought
Look toward the teacher within to guide with cosmic force.

When the questions rain on me I look to my awareness
Harnessing an energy for courage to be daring.

I am the Earth, the stars and trees
I am everything that I believe.


BIO: My name is Andy Carpenter, I am a poet and somewhat of a dreamer. I live in the east of England in a small town called St Neots (Cambridgeshire) with my partner Katie and two young children Kieren (5) and Rhys (4). I have two previous publications titled "Holding Hope In My Hands" which is a collection of my own work and "The Winding Path of Life" which is a collection of work from myself and other poets compiled into an anthology. I am currently in the process of building my second Anthology "Dreamer" for my group Voices of Freedom. Some days I write very positive poetry fueled by hope, personal growth and self-improvement and other days I reflect on my own battle with the demons mental health. Not an hour goes by without words and ideas jumping around my mind, poetry and creation is very much part of my soul and colours the world around me.

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