Saturday, March 2, 2019

Jai Thoolen

A message in a bottle,
Could float around the sea,
And may never reach the man,
For whom it was meant to be.
Or maybe it’s discovered,
With its message to convey,
Whole generations later,
And a half a world away.
Or tides and wind might take it,
Just a mile up the shore,
And yet it brings a smile,
When those words are read once more.
Or floating on forever,
To not ever reach dry land.
Words that will be never read,
Once that message leaves the hand.
A message in a bottle,
Is the way our lives can be.
We’re bobbing in an ocean,
Searching for uncertainty…
I Cannot Die Today.
I couldn’t die last week, I was still yet to decide,
And I couldn’t die all yesterday, it was far too nice outside.
I cannot die today, I have a dinner to attend,
And I cannot die tomorrow, I’ve got to help a friend.
I cannot die the next day ‘cause I need to pay a bill,
And I can’t die the day after, I am yet to sign my will.
I can’t die before the weekend, there’s that wedding… and that walk,
And all next month is busy and you said you’d like to talk.
I can’t die preceding Christmas, surely, some would be upset,
And I can’t die until I’m ready, until I’ve got no regret.
I can’t die until I right the wrongs of those i have aggrieved,
And not until I’ve said sorry to any I’ve deceived.
I can’t die before I know my truth and all that can be known.
I can’t die if you’re not ready lest I leave you all alone.

No matter your appointments and regardless of your plans,
When least expected, 
Your ‘cannots’ become your ‘cans’.
Don’t Mention Dementia.
Footsteps echo in my mind,
Of memories which fade.
Scattered dreams that I can’t find,
And promises I’ve made.
Treasured times are waning fast.
My sanity declines.
I can’t recall my precious past,
Nor read between the lines.
Nor read between the lines.
I can’t recall my family.
I can’t remember parts of me.
Nor read between the lines.
Footsteps echo in my mind,
And my sanity declines.
Search in between the lines.

Jai has always been a Mornington Peninsula local and always will be. He has enjoyed writing and reading ever since he was able. Jai would always write more than was required for stories at school... the short time he attended. He left school at 14 to work in a small supermarket in Red Hill South for the first year of his working life. Then, carpentry and fencing for a couple of decades. And now, after some knee troubles, he has rekindled his love of writing. Jai is loving every minute of creating stories and poems. Publishing his first book toward the end of 2017, Jai has two children's titles, an activity journal and a poetry book (Recomended for 15+) to his credit with more on the way!

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