Saturday, March 2, 2019

J.J. Campbell

like a dull knife

there’s a
to your love

like a dull
knife tracing
over all the
old scars

again and

cold sunshine
bleeds through
and old window

i can still picture
your dress on
the floor and
a bottle of
whiskey in
your left

i didn’t notice
the gun in your
right hand until
you told me not
to move

good thing
i tend to work
well under


i never forgot the look in his eyes

my father never taught
me about mercy or
helping my fellow

how to drive a stick
or knock my own shit
out of my underwear

my father thought his
only requirements were
making sure there was
food on the table and
a roof over our heads

i remember when i was
eight and told him i wish
he wasn’t my father

i ducked the punch but i
never forgot the look in
his eyes

he told me he was going
to kill me one of these

he tried five years later

like most of his life
he failed

my father has been in
the ground for three
years now

i don’t feel like much
of a winner


J.J. Campbell

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