Saturday, March 16, 2019

The Marionette

"THE MARIONETTE" by Wayne Olson

It seemed as if he had been put aside by the Master
No longer his favorite puppet to tell stories with
Or that his character had no current role to play
Did children once so excited no longer ask for him?
Did they grow weary of his tale and forget his name?
For a time he was content with his lot in life
To be merely a spectator and not a participant
Content to let the story unfold without him
When the strings no longer guided but bound him

After a season something vague began to stir in him
A growing hunger, a need to emerge and engage
An awareness of a chasm between body and spirit
And a deep longing for the two to be one again
For the spirit to once again rise up and be true
To sort out the strings and bring life once again
One with purpose and meaning like never before
As the Master worked the two with a deft hand
For another important tale in the story of his life.


BIO: I started writing in my late teens.  I took to writing short stories at first, then poetry later and love the ability to say much with few words.  I have always been on the introverted side, very comfortable in my own space, so writing suited my need for expression. I have had a very rich spiritual life since childhood which is very much part of my nature, so much of what I have gleaned from those experiences finds its way into my writings.  Poems are my ship’s “logbook” on this voyage thru life.

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