Monday, March 11, 2019

Medusa and the Stone

"Medusa and the Stone" by Thomas Spychalski

Somewhere there is that attraction for everyone,
Confusion about fusions, Shining star or mock sun?
Maybe I should grab the ropes mother tosses down,
Rope chafes, so does safe, burns only hope to turn around.
I don’t know exactly what to make of you,
You draw me in like some high powered magnet on high,
My shielding has denied, so many in hindsight I made die,
In the magpie, I collect only to deny myself, to not comply.
Drawn in and shocked when I find I have some pull,
The voice in me tells me no, do you wanna be a fool?
Silence him to move forward regroup, retry, retool,
Will I let the toys in the attic space, shatter another jewel?
Maybe it’s because we cannot quite explain,
The way someone can take away all the strain,
Even if we fall, I forgot the universe makes it plain,
So maybe this time forgo the strain and let magnets reign.


Thomas Spychalski has written for various online and offline publications since 2006 including Kasterborous, Whotopia, the 2011 book Ultimate Regeneration and City to Country magazine.  Additionally he also worked as a reporter in Texas and still writes a column remotely for the same newspaper for the past six years.

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