Monday, April 1, 2019

Castles in the Air

"Castles in the Air" by Lena Power

Staring out this dirty window
Looking at an azure blue sky
Birds sing their song of freedom
As lazy clouds go drifting by.
I can see a castle I once built
Of dreams and make believe
Now crumbled into fleeting ashes
Nothing was ever as it seemed.
Long lost hopes leave me empty
Desire a trick my mind plays
All I feel is hollowness
Untouched by love's lost rays.
Day after dreary day I sit
Watching the changing seasons
I have no wish to re-engage
For I have run out of reasons.

So sing a song of love gone wrong
Of those that will never be
You know, I would have died for you
But you never lived for me.


BIO: Poetry is my passion!  I started writing as early as ten, but did not formally pursue.  Recently retired I continue to use ink as a creative outlet.  Prior to retiring I was a certified personal trainer & coach as well as facilitator.  I write daily and my works are available on several social media websites, blogs & groups.

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