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Daily missive for Thursday the 7th of March

“Daily missive for Thursday the 7th of March” by Peter Forster

What does living do
But confuse
The wisdom of children
When answers
Are as simple
As the questions asked
Everybody needs to 
Feel love
To know the truth
So many people
Forget how easily
It can be found
When the blinds are drawn
On the world
What keeps you in
Will keep love out
Hiding from the darkness
Is a double bind
As the feeling
Of safety 
Is bound in a belief that
We are free
To choose
When the truth
Of love
Is only found 
In the pain 
We can withstand
In the loss of 
Freedom’s gain.

Hello all and welcome to my world.

Although now semi-retired and since the death of my beloved wife Kay, living between Melbourne and England, for close to twenty-five years I practiced as a consulting Counselling Psychologist in a busy East London community health setting.

Some years ago, just after my son’s death in 2009 I began to feel the itch to write creatively. Although previously published in academic works and having provided chapters in books for counsellors’ psychologists and psychotherapists I had always nurtured a love of creative writing. Over the years I had attended writer’s workshops, written and performed poetry as well as provided lyrics for jobbing musicians. However, I had long harboured the ambition to write full-length fiction. And this I did, publishing my first novel in 2012 ‘Mr Charalambus and the One Soul’. I went on to publish two more books in the series and a book of poetry, with a front cover illustrated by my dear wife.

Although I have continued to write daily and have written a memoir of the months following my wife’s diagnosis, to her death in 2016, I have not felt ready to throw myself into the murky world of publishing. However, the plain in simple truth is that I enjoy writing. I always have.

It still feels as if the flow of hungry words is never ending and I  will be swept up and carried along on an impossible stream of the unconscious process. But like everybody else I have a life. To some, it may seem narrowly defined. Focused as it is on grieving the loss of my best friend and soulmate, caring for my family, writing and playing the drums but to others without the opportunity to learn, make relationships build a  future and have the freedom to choose it may seem like it is a world of riches. Whilst on most days it really can feel like that to me, on other occasions it can be an effort to maintain enthusiasm: In other words, my life is not that much different from many and better than most. I have known tragedy and delight and struggle to account for what might be its unequal measure. But I live, love and am loved so in truth I have to say I am blessed. I hope the same can be said of you.

Peter Forster

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