Thursday, April 18, 2019

Patrick Daniel Read

Untitled - by Patrick Daniel Read

When you're dancing too close to the flame
When you get burned
There is no one but you to blame.
Singed clothes discarded
Out with the rubble
Like so many more
Your soul so weary
Ridden with regret
Oh, my friend
The best times
You will have ever met
Someday you will dump
The sorrow
The regret
Some day you will shed your old suit
Come out looking shiny and new
What you do from resurrection
Is up to you
Tell your fears
Your worries
And get moving along
No matter the battles you have been through
This is a new day
To set your soul upright
Just go with the wind
And you will be outright
There is no turning back
You've made it this far
Only you know the real you
Don't let mistakes of the past
Hold you down
For it will be a new version
Of you will find
Shed your old skin
It is time too get yourself in gear
Trust in yourself
Cast your worries aside
For a new version of you has been found
You got this
I believe in you
Let your inner warrior break on through.


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