Tuesday, May 21, 2019

By mistake

“By mistake” by Stephen Lackey

Lies have flavor
when standing in
the presence of
their purveyor.

One might think it
interdental grit—
acrid, metallic,

but not...
and don’t.

Attempt to heed
ev’ry part of you,
as voices sans sound
warn us out loud,

urging escape,
desp’rate, pleading
that you would not
glut by mistake.

On the Edge

BIO: Stephen Lackey has been writing poetry and song lyrics since high school in an eclectic mix spanning all meters and styles. His work does bear one unifier... Always he aims to explore what is hidden from perception, whether that be in the structure of his pieces or their uncommonly attended subject matter. His narrative pieces are often iambic though they lack forced meter, thereby feeling like normal speech. His text settings often follow mathematical/symmetrical structures. The themes of his pieces may or may not be readily apparent, but rarely does each contain only one. And surprise endings are no stranger to him. 

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