Monday, May 13, 2019


"Eyes" by Scot Buffington

I’d kiss you now to spite your eyes
transfixing mine within their keep
bewitching gazes mesmerize
in happiness to smile or weep.
Dare not I bow for lips to meet
still savoring your iris’ glow
as hungry for two pairs to greet
I cannot pass, lest forward go.
In seeing all you hide inside
beyond the pupil’s inky cave
moments when you dined on pride
instants sad for what you gave.
Deeper still, I find your heart
a firework, exploding grace
emits to me your gentle part
a light that beautifies your face.
Refractions, as we gift and take
redirect reflection’s stare
no love exchanged more than we make
between the souls and eyes we share.
Without a mortal touch we thrive
upon the depths, the deepest wells
sustain affection’s life alive
enchants us with our loving spells.


Scot Allan Buffington lives in rural Western Pennsylvania. He teaches Western Civilization at Lincoln High School in Ellwood City. A historian by trade, Scot worked in the historical film industry. He collects antiques and has been involved in historical re-enactments for over three decades. Scot began writing less than two years ago, and considers poetry as another one of his many hobbies.

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