Tuesday, May 7, 2019



The jewel of the east,a perfectly imperfect city
Here chaos,disorder, strikes and mayhem sit pretty.
Strangers become friends on platforms and roads,
Beggars make pavements their permanent abodes.
Here hours are spent gossiping over tea in coffee shops,
Book browsing in bookshops, eve teasing at bus stops.
Cricket is discussed in the same breath as morality,
Romance and philosophy form the pillars of the city.
Here movies,art and literature are on every man's lips,
Theatre and music grow like nails on fingertips.
Nothing is ever on time,buses and trains run late,
Much is left to miracles, with undying faith on Fate.
Here Tagore songs and poems weave their way,
Into the tapestry of lives of ordinary folks everyday.
Munching peanuts,cigarettes in hand,lovers gaze at the sky,
In this City of Joy,with an attitude of 'never say die'.
The knick knacks at the roadside stalls are worth dying for,
The tasty 'phuchka', 'rasgulla',will make you crave for more.
The crowds,the queues and traffic snarls are a real bother,
But once you start living here,you'll fall in love with her.
Here football forms the lifeline,politics is religion,
A medley of diverse cultures, each festival a joyous occasion.
My birthplace, where my tears,smiles and emotions dissolve,
A city with a heart,which helps my soul grow and evolve.
Piya Ghosh~ 30-4-19


Piya Ghosh is basically a medical practitioner practising general medicine for almost three decades. She is a graduate of Calcutta Medical College holding a post graduate degree in Tropical Medicine too.Poetry is her passion. She has been writing poetry since the tender age of seven influenced by the Nobel Laurette Rabindranath Tagore.She dabbles in painting too.She has received many awards from several national and international poetry forums.


  1. I feel I have walked those exotic and exciting streets!

  2. It gives a vivid image of a city great
    It will be another festher in your cap