Monday, May 6, 2019


"Rows" by TM DiSarro
There's a child you may know
Who was placed in a row
In a field between roses and weeds
Its a garden of stone
Where we never atone
For the longings that outweigh our needs
There's a father who looks
Inside dozens of books
Full of photos of happier days
But he can't find the one
That looks just like his son
Who was lost in the mess that he made
There's a girl that we know
Who sat in the third row
Of the school where the child
Learned to pray
Now she keeps to herself
With her faith on a shelf
But she visits the field every day
Seems her innocence died
Between rows of the lies
She was told as a matter of course
With mere words she was fooled
As affections are tools
Raping futures without any force
There's a brother who lives
Off the money we give
To the homeless souls walking the streets
He once dwelled in a book
That his father mistook
As a family that seemed so complete
He was like you and I
Chasing dreams in the sky
Thinking this is as good as it gets
But the time dies so fast
When we cling to the past
Leaving graves for the love we forget
There's a mother who pleads
As she's down on her knees
Planting seeds that will never replace
All the life that slips by
In the wink of an eye
Like the rows of regrets on her face

BIO: Writing is my passion and poetry occupies a significant block of my creative energy. When the time is favorable, I plan to publish a collection of poems and short stories, but until that time follow me on: Instagram@tmdisarro

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  1. Wonderful writing, Tissy! Poignant! Powerful! Full of Regret! WOW!