Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Stranger

"THE STRANGER" by Wayne Olson

What if the encounter was not what you thought
As you struggle to make sense of it day after day
Forcing a meaning, square pegs in round holes
One never meant to be epic, just utterly timely?
Secretly relieved it was not to be long-lasting
Not destined to be a happily-ever-after tale
Magic yes, but a Hallmark story gone noir
Just remember the stranger sent to be there
The one who arrived at a critical moment
For an intensely personal, unknown reason
Meant only to change your life’s trajectory
Ever so slightly with a tug, or a simple nudge
To bump your weary mind or drowning heart
One well-placed deflection by a Divine Hand
A prodding perfectly timed by a timeless God
Vigilantly guiding you because you are His
Perhaps to finally see what had been veiled
To at last come to understand a new Truth
Or to finally recognize what had been a lie
Sensing a knowing in the stranger’s smile
One that brought an inexplicable calmness
A trusted familiarity in it you could not dismiss
On the day that left you changed forever.

I started writing in my late teens.  I took to writing short stories at first, then poetry later and love the ability to say much with few words.  I have always been on the introverted side, very comfortable in my own space, so writing suited my need for expression. I have had a very rich spiritual life since childhood which is very much part of my nature, so much of what I have gleaned from those experiences finds its way into my writings.  Poems are my ship’s “logbook” on this voyage thru life.

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