Tuesday, May 21, 2019

When suicide spoke

"When suicide spoke" By Rebel p Jones
When all things mattered not,
And all time stopped
From all the ticking tocks
Of all the world's clocks.
As did my breath
and beat of this
once strong heart
as my emotionless dead carcass
laid selfishly at peace
as the pills took charge
and put to rest
this mind that hasn't
for years felt at ease.
I wonder not
how would those I left behind,
Feel or think of a loss of me,
For a loss was not what I had seen,
Nor was there a care,
for life for me seemed
not to care so why should I,
So much taken from me,
So from here I took the path
of never-ending sleep.
When suicide spoke,
I listened and joined
in the chatter
of deadly conversation,
The power that this voice that spoke
The options that it gave me,
A flash of all my failures,
and all the cherished souls that left me exposed themselves one last time before my eyes closed for forever I could sleep.

I am a 41 year old retired Army veteran, with my 4 children and fiance. We reside in Temperance Michigan, and my passion is poetry.
I have written for free for 3 years now for the world to have something real to enjoy without spending money.

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