Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Black Rose

"Black Rose" by Imran Khan Bhayo 
Death is a black rose
Hovering over every soul
Waiting for order to cut and close
Life's mortal and spirit role
Shiver and sorrow when see corpse
In a box or on a cot in shroud
Carrying on shoulders hiding in red roses
Tears break hearts looking at crowd
Every mouth tells and whispers
About the past tales and events
Respectfully admiring actions and facts
Standing in lines for death prayer
Silently bow heads and fold hands
Heartily read the holy verses
Everything is love of family and friends
Who come and condole in reverence


BIO: Imran Khan Bhayo is a police officer from Village Karan Sharif, Sindh, Pakistan. A reader and writer of history, novels and poetry. He has appeared on Spillwords and several Anthologies. He finished two novels. 1. Trafficked Soul ( True Love story) 2. Toxic Secrets (True story of a Mother was killed and burnt) Now write another true criminal story of an American who was kidnapped from Pakistan.


  1. This is an absolutely brilliant poem Imran. You have descibed the pain of parting and how one copes with the funeral brilliantly.

  2. Inspired and impressive poetry. Emotions are portrayed beautifully. That universal sense of loss makes us all one family in grief--the human family.

    1. I'm glad 😊 that you said, ". . . makes us all one family in grief--the human family." Great thought about Humanity. We divide for identification but not for fighting and war. My grief is that when I see others sorrows crying and moaning when their beloved leave them, but we humans after some lapse of times forget them and started another plan to run on the devilish track of our lives.