Friday, August 16, 2019


"REINFORCEMENT" by Syreeta Muir

Some love is serrated;
Love that lays a body down, gently,
With, “shh, baby...”“...hold still.”
Applying balm to its own cuts.
Words, so sterile,
Drip from arid lips,
Deserts blown from fingertips,
Banking around fleshy succulents,
Proud love,
Happy to have tricked by reinforcement,
Cultivating whorls,
Standing back, perennially; self-wonder,
Pruning petals -
Pendulus corolla,
Never to be picked.

BIO: Syreeta Muir writes poetry, short, and flash fiction with a focus on folklore, nature and trauma. Read her poetry in TL;DR Press, her flash piece 'The Go-between' at and her poem 'Cutting Teeth' in Fearless Femme throughout November. Find her on Twitter as @hungryghostpoet.


  1. Syreeta Muir is an amazing poet, and her work is both beautiful and heart rending. I have been a fan of hers since the first time I had the pleasure of reading her stunning work.