Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Monster To Society

"Monster To Society" by Jerry Langdon
Sleeping in ice.
Here I stand.
Life in sacrifice.
Once it all began.
Human exile.
Monster to society.
Stamped as vile.
That's not me.
Nightmares subside.
Now I dream,
Fear and peace co-reside.
Unable to scream.
Death forgot me.
Once collected.
Forever free.
Once resurrected.
Walk behind the veil.
An eternal blasphemy.
Though death may hail
'Tis not for me.
A soul without a home.
Now sleeping in ice.
In dream I roam.
My life in sacrifice.
What was will never be.
Bereft of a safe return.
Memories stolen from me.
It makes my blood burn.
© Jerry Langdon 2019

From South-Western, Michigan, Jerry Langdon lives in Germany since 1992 after spending 8 years in the Army. He is an Artist and Poet. His works bathe in a darker side of emotion and fantasy. He has released 4 books of Poetry titled "Temperate Darkness“, „Behind The Twilight Veil". "The Rollercoaster Heart" and Death and Other Cold Things"
              He publishes a monthly E-Zine in pdf format called Raven Cage Zine which is purposely in that form to allow it as free distribution. Raven Cage is broke down in to Sections making its content diverse.
              You can Visit Jerry's personal page where you can find his Art and writings.
and his Zine at:
              His poetic inspirations are derived from poets such as Edgar Allen Poe, Robert Frost and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, as well as from various Rock Bands. His apparently twisted mind twists and intertwines fantasy with reality.

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