Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Must I

"Must I" by Sher Chandley..
Must I
Step out of
My own shadow
Come out of
The warm dark
Seek the sun
Grasp better times
Or hold on
To what I got
Heed the call
Of the siren
Remember the joy
Of the past
A pilgrimage tour
Will I return ?
But oh where
Will I go ?
----------------------------end part 1-
So many, many
Places and faces
Voyeur my orgies ?
Seductions, erotic lusts
Like the poet said
The other day
No heartbreak, love
Straightup -even sidewise
Absolutely nothing on
But fishnets and boots
Sucking a lollipop
No, not now
I have love
Go backwards further
Wander in mind
Maybe the drunkards
Or the addicts
Had to leave
Lying on the floor
Lost their legs
Or the parasites ?
Yes and no's
All very false
Now blowing hot
Now cold blowing
With the mode going
Or the poets
Writing what's so dear
Yet none want to hear
Or the starveling
All skin and bone
A pinch won't feel
So down-at -heel
-----------------------------end part 2
Maybe the gallery
Of philosophical imaginaries
Conversations with past people
Picknickers in my mind
At times so sublime
Greed at large
Goods free of charge
So pleasurably indecent
With repugnant bearing
Such evil daring
Or the king of riches
Mourned your might
Knowing your pride
An ash heap of the night
Or hope , friend to all
Waiting maybe in vain
For fortune to attend
Such sanguine power
Will all that's best
Really be ours ?
Or even fear
Trying to escape bounds
All ruin making
Hedging horror all round
Enough of slinking
Place to place
Looking face to face
Won't be daunted
By past wonder haunted
See that trickster
Master of false deduction
Mad unwise obstruction
I will look for the sun
Reach for better times
---------------------------------end part 3
Won't be driven
By the stress and strain
Of a nostalgic past
Live alone and apart
Give no one my heart
I want to scratch
My deepest ground
For in my nothing
All may be found
Even to the highest
Mountains I ascend
Or to the oceans end
I will my way wend
Waves succeed waves
In the shuddering doom
In the silent depths
Dolphins will be seen
Clouds will float ,
So will sun , moon and stars
Though I walk dumb
Into the future
Filled with the past
A happy wanderer
I will still be
When to my end I come
For every now and then
Be it a then
Or be it a now
I dance on tables
And roll on the floor .
------------------------------------end part 4
@ Sher Chandley
2019/09 /06

BIO: I am Sher Chandley from Johannesburg, South Africa. I am an architectural technologist by profession (currently health permitting) but I have studied and done many things and lived in many places. As a product of apartheid, I am given to humanitarianism and environmental causes. I abhor injustice of any kind and detest war and violence. I am an accidental poet having fell into it by chance. I find it a beautiful vehicle for my expression and a mirror of myself and what I see around me. I have had a book published on some of my poems called - Endless Blue -poems by Sher Chandley and hope to publish another one soon. I have an eclectic, holistic outlook and consider myself an earthling above any other identification. Take a ride with me sometime.


  1. I find your poetry both engaging and frequently, profound, it flows like water and has the capacity to envoke detailed 'mind pictures'. Your eclectic taste covers a wide range of subjects but I especially love your poems describing nature, they're exquisite, I'm so glad you found your inner poet Sher.